Our Company

Developers of Enterprise Level Geospatial Solutions and Leading Civil Engineering CAD Software

Sivan Design is a world-wide leader in national land projects, comprehensive GIS (Geographic Information System) solution integrated with ERP capabilities, 3D GIS application and holistic user-friendly civil engineer CAD products since 1999 (1996).

For the past two decades the company has focused on two main lines of activities –

  • Using its GeoERP technology, the company successfully implemented tens of national scale GIS projects in the domains of LIS (Land Information System), Roads and Infrastructures (Water-supply, Drainage, Sewage, Gas, Electricity etc.).
  • Development, sale and support of its leading civil engineering suit of software – CivilCAD, serving more than 2,700 customers around the globe.

The company is highly experienced in the development and implementation of GIS and CAD software solutions for land, roads and highways, underground infrastructure, contracts, and maintenance.

The company has expertise in:

  • Development, implementation and maintenance of turnkey GIS land administration projects, roads information systems, and water infrastructure projects helping clients achieve more efficient processes tied to land and properties, roads and railways, and underground infrastructures management.
  • Development of 3D GIS in the cloud applications that can be accessed by web browsers, iPad and Smartphones Apps, and mobile devices.
  • Development of state-of-the-art civil engineering software CivilCAD – a holistic solution for civil engineering practitioners including roads designers, water sewage and drainage designers, land developers, surveying and mapping experts, and civil engineering construction companies.

Sivan Design’s products and services address requirements of small companies and large corporations, as well as federal, state, and local government authorities.

Sivan Design Group

Sivan Design is rapidly growing and expanding its worldwide presence, with strategic alliances providing support and distribution in over 15 countries.

Sivan Design’s group of companies include, among others:

  • Sivan Design Inc. – California based US company.
  • Sivan Design D.S Ltd – of Israel.
  • Sivan Design D.S Ltd – of Nigeria.
  • Sivan Design Ltd – of Uganda.

Headed and managed as an independent profit unit, each company holds vast knowhow and
iqnetexpertise to provide its clients with planning, implementation, maintenance and support services.

The group currently operates in Israel, USA, Costa-Rica, Chile, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Belgium, Portugal, Romania, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia.

Sivan Design has implemented and maintains a Management System which fulfills the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 90003:2004 standards

Sivan Design team 

Sivan Design staffing consists of highly experienced professionals in their field of expertise, including:

  • GIS and Land management experts.
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology) experts and system analyst.
  • Software engineers with professionality in CAD and GIS.
  • Urban planning, geography, and cartography specialists.
  • Civil engineers and surveyors.
  • Remote sensing and mapping (aerial and satellite) experts.

All team members have high level graduate education in engineering, survey, geography/GIS, computer science, architecture, and management, and closely familiar with various technological solutions such as