Cadastral GIS – Office of the Surveyor General of Nigeria

Project Name: Cadastral GIS
Client: Office of the Surveyor General of the Federation of Nigeria (OSGOF)
Country: Nigeria

OSGOF requested a cadastral GIS system that would allow defining land parcel data of federal lands that can seamlessly integrate with FELIS (Federal Lands Information System)

Sivan Design was responsible for developing and implementing the system and is now responsible for developing more functionality while continue maintenance and support for the operating system.


Description of the services provided

Project objective is to create a full geographic layer of plots.

The project included many activities and services all of which were provided by Sivan Design:

  • Infrastructure of newly established service center including electricity, telephony and network wiring
  • Hardware equipment including servers, desktops, scanners, printers and peripherals
  • Communication equipment and configuration setup including broadband internet and Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Software licenses of servers and desktop’s operation systems, GIS, CAD, imaging etc.
  • GIS implementation of all relevant layers
  • Training and support of relevant personnel
  • Maintenance routine and ongoing support



Office of the Surveyor General – Cadasral GIS


Today uploading of information to the system is functional, and more plots are uploaded every day. The system was developed and implemented by Sivan Design using the most advanced technologies and infrastructure. Sivan Design was also responsible for hardware, office supplies, training, etc.

Cadastral GIS is a turnkey project including software, hardware, communication and infrastructure responsibilities, it focuses on Geospatial capabilities and require deep knowledge in Plot registry, GIS technology and cadastre rules.