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Note: GeoERP Is not available for download. For GeoERP inquiries and information please contact us at the following email:

For technical details and minimum system requirements please refer to the CivilCAD product page here

CivilCAD 10.3 Setup

Posted: October 04, 2022

This setup is for the Software clients only. For a trial version, please download using the Download Trial button below.  IMPORTANT – Please uninstall any prior versions of CivilCAD before installing this version.
Detailed installation instructions and configuration are provided in the following hyperlink:
CivilCAD 10.3 Setup Installation and Configuration Instructions
Information on software updates can be found at the CivilCAD Updates Release Notes link here.



CivilCAD 10.3 Software Update

Posted: April 23, 2023

The Software updates will allow you to enjoy the latest and improved version of CivilCAD 10, including new features, Bug fix and better performance. The update is free for CivilCAD 10 users. Note that this update will only work on CivilCAD 10.3. If you do not have CivilCAD 10.3 on your computer, please install the full CivilCAD 10.3 setup first.
Information on software updates can be found at the CivilCAD Updates Release Notes link here.

note: In this version, the option to transfer a license from computer to computer independently has been added. Please see here: CivilCAD 10 License transfer guide


CivilCAD 10.3 Full Package Trial Download

Posted: October 06, 2022

Download 30 days trial version of CivilCAD 10 Full Package

Once installed, you can experience for yourself the enhanced productivity in your daily work, as well as future projects. To receive further information about our full range of products, please contact your local distributor or

Please note: In order to enjoy the most advanced capabilities of the software, it is highly recommended to download the latest software update which you will find right here above.
The update installation should be done after installing the trail application.
ZWCAD 2023 Users: If you are having problems loading point files or create contours lines, please make sure you have ZWCAD 2023 version installed from here

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