Niger State Land Information System

The Ministry Of Land and Housing, Niger State, Nigeria has awarded Sivan Design a contract for the design, installation & implementation of Niger Geographic Information System (NiGIS). The goal of NiGIS is computerization and automation of land and properties title registration, taxation, budget planning and control.

The scope of work includes:

  • Supply and installation of latest and branded NiGIS compatible computer hardware, software, Equipment, peripherals and accessories
  • Design, creation, analysis and manipulation of functional spatial database at ministry premises in the HQ at Minna, Niger State, which shall be linked in a network
  • Guidance, training and management services for the conversion of existing land registry analog maps and title documents in the Registry to digital format
  • Setting up and supply of VSAT broadband internet connection
  • Installation, testing and implementation of the system
  • Maintenance and support services