Sivan Design win Tender no. 3403

SOI (Survey Of Israel) together with Sivan Design lead the way in the field of 3D cadastre. Other countries are also attempting to cope with the challenges of a 3D cadastre, but this is one of the most ambitious attempts – as it addresses a broad range of issues while looking for a real practical solution.

Some of the issues we deal with in this project are:

* Building a spatial database that meets the needs of a 3D cadastre
* 3D Topological relations and rules
* Visualization of 3D parcels (while keeping more simple options as still most cadastre is 2D)
* Implementing new cadastre processes and integrating them with the current 2D cadastre processes

Today, Sivan Design is a leader in the field of Cadastre GIS and is dealing with the most advanced questions in this field